Practice Areas

The firm's work can be divided among four basic practice areas: construction law, commercial real estate transactions, hotel management law and commercial leases. Discussion of our practice areas follows:
  1. Construction Law. In the area of construction law, the firm represents primarily hotel owners in connection with the design and construction of new-build properties as well as hotel renovations and capital expenditure projects of all sizes. In this regard, the firm has developed a library of unique design and construction contracts tailored to each of our client's needs. As an example, Hilton Worldwide (formerly Hilton Hotels Corporation) uses our standard contracts in connection with the development and renovation of Hilton's entire inventory of owned and managed hotels. With more than 50 separate forms of contracts and related documents, each contract is written in clear, concise and straight-forward language and contains the basic Owner protections not found in either the AIA forms or in contractor/consultant forms. In order to ensure that our contracts remain consistent and uniform, we have developed a "modular clause model" for creating and updating our contracts. This also allows us to respond to our clients' needs promptly and efficiently.

  2. Commercial Real Estate Transactions. In the area of commercial real estate transactions, the firm has extensive experience in managing the legal aspects of the acquisition, development and construction of hotel properties on a national basis. Included among the firm's clients in these areas is Thomas Point Ventures, the hotel development and operation entity controlled by the Marriott family. As an example, over the past fifteen years, the firm has helped Thomas Point Ventures purchase eighteen hotel properties including the Dallas Renaissance on Stemmons Freeway, the West Palm Beach Marriott, the Anaheim Fairfield Inn and many others.

  3. Hotel Management Law. In the area of hotel management law, the firm represents owners on a regular basis in the negotiation of hotel management contracts, hotel license agreements, technical services agreements, pre-opening services agreements and related contracts.

  4. Commercial Leases. In the area of commercial leases, the firm represents landlords and tenants on a regular basis in the negotiation of leases and tenant improvements.

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